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Good Old-Fashioned Wholesome Fun with Search Engine Terms #2

Back by popular demand and specific request, I’d like to share the most amusing, interesting, and occasionally head-scratching recent search engine terms that have pointed web users in the direction of Random Dangling Mystery. The last post of this sort is from July, and can be seen here. Perhaps this will become a biennial feature. Or perhaps not. This blog aims to be nothing if not inscrutable. Let’s do fifteeen terms again. Once again, enjoy.

sociologist riot london

The new clubhouse leader for search term hits, dwarfing Amare Stoudemire’s glasses. The way it’s worded always puts me in mind of a riot conducted by mild-mannered academics with tenure, which would likely resemble a slightly wild cocktail mixer at a library.

anonymous movie historical accuracy

I engineered a bit of a purposeful SEO with this post’s title, but it’s proven popular nonetheless. Of all the film-related posts I’ve done, the most viewed is about a movie I haven’t seen and probably wouldn’t pay to watch. Go figure. One would certainly hope that the googlers had considerable doubts about said historicity, but perhaps I give them too much credit.

inception dradle

It’s called a “totem”. Meshuggah goys.

four lions waj confused face

I just took a picture of my face, and it’s deffo not my confused face.

william & catherine a royal romance flower

These little doggies are barking up the wrong tree entirely.

murderer from the ugly bones

A detailed explanation of the concept of irony is evidently in order.

the ozarks winters bum

That’s the gay porn parody, isn’t it?

sexy site:rosslangager.com

Why, thank you. I think.

art bizarre sadomasochism

That’s the best description of Picasso I’ve ever heard.

retarded cartoon dinosaur

I believe the preferred term is “developmentally-delayed animated extinct prehistoric reptile”.

is steve kloves to blame

As long as there are absolutely no follow-up questions: yes. Yes, he is. Fully.

chris bosh looks like a raptor

Not anymore. Now he looks like a… Heat? A Hot? Something warm, anyway.

rob ford and raccoon

I smell a sex scandal brewing.

are there raccoons in a circus?

Not as of yet, but I wouldn’t put anything past those kooky Quebecois acrobats. “Our new spectaculaire is entitled Procyon. We shall frolick entrancingly through chimerical piles of refuse for two hours, then conclude by taking a whimsical shit on your roof! Tickets start at $150! Magnifique!”

do raccoons have biceps

They will by Procyon‘s opening night, I have been assured.

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