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Good Old-Fashioned Wholesome Fun with Search Engine Terms #4

It’s time for Round 4 of Random Dangling Mystery’s collection of the randomest of dangling mysteries: fourteen of the oddest recent search engine word-combos that lead the internet’s vagabond denizens to shelter briefly in this particular backstreet doorway. Previously installments can be found here, here, and also here. Current installment can be found, well, um… here.

does tatum oneal ride horses?

Probably not too much anymore. But really, who has the time? Besides Ann Romney, of course. Tons of time.

tom cruise you’re a jerk

A sneak preview of Katie Holmes’ divorce brief.

cinnabon at union station toronto location map

Just follow your nose. And your fat, fat belly.

jeremy likes fat bitches

You said it, not me. Also, I have no clue which post this might be referring to.

why is canada called the undersogs of the olympics

Must be something to with our endemic typo habit. Although perhaps “undersog” is an archaic form that has survived in, like, Kingston. Sounds pretty 18th century to me.

best deep sexy navel of the decade

I really feel for the second and third best of the decade. It’s viciously competitive at the top of the deep sexy navel pyramid.

attention grabbing southern phrases

You can never go wrong with classics like “The South will rise again!”, “Keep the government’s hands off my Medicare!”, and “Meet you at the McDonald’s in the Walmart.”

does four lions crctrized islam?

Not nearly as strenuously as I plan to crctrized your spelling.

is agent prentiss punky Brewster

This is my lame-ass go-to joke and you will relinquish your claims upon it forthwith.

did george lucas approve family guy

Surely someone must have, but let’s not pile all of the evils of the modern world on the Lucas of George’s doorstep alone. He was responsible for midichlorians, Jar Jar Binks, and “I don’t like sand”. That’s more than enough horror for one man to be responsible for as it is.

rob ford hilarious

To the rest of you, maybe. But some of us have to live here, you know.

odd novosibirsk subculture

You don’t want to go there. Seriously. It’s too cold for that much leather.

hullabaloo steampunk

Isn’t that a Frank Zappa album?

chris hemsworth eating pop tarts

I’d watch that. Maybe more than once, even.

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