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@Sidslang’s Best of Twitter #3

Some more recommendations from across the Twitterverse to mull over, if you would. Previous posts on the subjects can be read here and here, and my Twitter self plies his trade here.


Rob Delaney is Twitter. Twitter is not quite complete without Rob Delaney. A comedian of mid-level fame in the stand-up world who has not yet moved into the realm of mass cultural penetration (he would enjoy that phrase) of, say, Louis CK, Delaney’s feed is another organ of his body of comedic work, and a very funny one at that. Delaney mixes sexual humour with loopy surrealism, often involving animals (“So crazy that when a man gets an erection it’s because his penis is filling with millions of microscopic sparrows”). But his humour is unpredictable. His jokes turn inside out, reversing themselves, taking turns into precincts unmapped. Delaney is also keenly aware of the opportunities afforded by the medium. He’s chosen a few corporatized “official” Twitter accounts to terrorized with consistent impunity: he tweets the strangest questions and/or calls for help at Walmart’s official feed, flutters lovingly around music-world crush Adele, and has made headlines for his hilarious tweet-badgering of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. More than anything, Delaney’s feed serves as a reminder that both comedy and Twitter are, at their similar cores, writerly pursuits, and that it takes a certain skill and predilection as a writer to succeed in both. And that Rob Delaney does, very nicely.

Representative Tweet:


Self-described as a “mash-up” of the philosopy of the 19th-century Danish proto-existentialist Søren Kirkegaard and the vapid tweets of reality TV star Kim Kardashian, KimKierkegaardashian initially promises a species of easy invidious distinction between intellectual depth and contemporary cultural superficiality. A similar trick is achieved by the @Justin_Buber account, which combines Justin Bieber’s pop lyrics with the snatches from the theorizing of Martin Buber. But where Buber has nothing to do with Bieber, besides a coincidental homonistic relation, the writings of Kierkegaard give us surprising insight into the supposedly unpunctureable pink balloon of Kardashianism. In the direct juxtaposition of Kim’s inane Twitter narration of upper-crust consumption and Søren’s existential exploration of alienation and despair, a human core hitherto believed to be empty (indeed, often conceived of as the very personification of cultural emptiness, as Paris Hilton and Snooki once were in their turns) is filled with doubt and disconnection from meaning. Kierkegaard believed that humanity could only approach meaningful existence through acts of subjective being. @KimKierkegaard suggests ironically that there is no act of subjective being more meaningful than keeping up with the Kardashians.

Representative Tweet:

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