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Good Old-Fashioned Wholesome Fun with Search Engine Terms #6

Time flies when you’re blogging excessively. It’s been a whole four months since the last post reproducing and larking on the oddest recent search terms that directed web surfers to this humble space, so we’re about due to for another installment. Past posts of this sort: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5.

lebron james violin

Playing the violin is probably the one thing LeBron James cannot do. Well, that and choose a team to sign with in a way that won’t alienate most of the world.

nbc condescending olympic coverage

The first result in the search is the NBC website: Proudly Condescending to Olympics-Watching Rubes Since 1988!

who is the subaltern in the hunger games

Now you’re asking the right question, kids. The answer is: pretty much everyone who isn’t played by Donald Sutherland.

rape ewok meme

I don’t even want to know what other results this search produced, but I suspect they involve some rather disturbing things being done to Jar Jar Binks.

poofter definition

Oh, behave.

is thrift shop about consumerism

At least as much as it is about the paradox of frugality. And broken keyboards.

is it possible for another king leopold today yahoo answer

Why would you think Yahoo is gonna know that? Anyway, no one else could rock that beard.

what was the last film roger ebert saw

In a terribly cruel bit of irony, it was Spice World.

fanfiction reparation thor

The socioeconomic deprivations suffered throughout history by the Space Vikings constituted a considerable injustice indeed. But how will belated monetary compensation heal such deep wounds, especially when interspersed with passionate and imaginative Thor/Loki sex scenes?

doukhobor leprechaun

If ye allow me to practice me pacifist, spiritualist faith without suffering state persecution or exile, I shall give ye me pot of gold!

why is back to the future college film analysis

The person who typed up this complete thought took my review to task for its criticism of conservative Republican ideology. I think they were just disappointed that there wasn’t anything to plagiarize for their first-year essay.

best asses of the world

Here you go. What great asses. We salute you!

wholesome internet search

I hope this pulled up “Two Girls, One Cup” in the first three pages of results. Most searches will.

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