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@Sidslang’s Best of Twitter #7


Twitter accounts that aggregate based on themes are an underappreciated feature of the platform’s creative landscape. Usually the domain of programmed bots (Red Scare Bot is a good one, a parodic McCarthyite that leaps on any use of the words “socialism” or “communism”), there are nonetheless occasional curated accounts draw on existing tweets in order to construct some sort of running satiric commentary on one or more of Twitter’s multitude of parallel discourses.

This brings us to @AccidentalP, which searches Twitter and beyond (with some recommendations, suggestions, and frequent photo submissions from faithful followers) for discursive instances that suggest, in even the subtlest way, the predilections of Steve Coogan’s popular farcical English broadcaster, Alan Partridge. The focus of several television series and movies (including the recent Alpha Papa), Coogan’s Partridge is a cluelessly unctuous TV and radio personality (strongly suggesting the BBC’s legendarily sycophantic Terry Wogan) from Norfolk with plastered-on hair and smile. Although the Partridge character is largely an unknown quantity on this side of the Atlantic, it has proven resilient in its appeal in Britain, where the multi-talented Coogan has struggled to escape its shadow.

 Possessed of a dimly-justified confidence in his own interestingness and in the value of his blandly middle-of-the-road on-air opinions and observations, Partridge’s endurance as a comedic character likely has much to do with the consistent applicability of this persistent satirical model to changing cultural circumstances. @AccidentalP collects and retweets examples of this species of rhetoric, accompanied by the #AccidentalPartidge hashtag (or, more succintly, #AP, when limited character counts are of the essence). To be Accidental Partridged is to be implicitly criticized for indulging in insipid mainstream recirculation of clichés and lazy tropes that rise (or sink) to a comedic nature. Examples can be based on any aspect of everyday life, but those emphasizing any traditional descriptor of prototypical, square Britishness are particular favourites.

Though the account is not officially affiliated with the Partridge character, being selected for @AccidentalP retweets constitutes a fan-maintained continuation of the ongoing satiric project of Coogan’s iconic creation. This sort of interaction online between an entertainment product and its collaborative fanbase is always of some critical interest, particularly when the result is as consistently sharp and funny as @AccidentalP manages to be.

Representative Tweet:

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